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Blogging My Stories.

I've spent the morning looking for one of my many notebooks. This one contained a story that I was writing with the sole purpose of sharing it here on my blog page. I know what the story is about (obviously as I wrote it) but I've now lost all those hours working on it. I'm hoping it will turn up in…

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Finding ways to exercise.

At first, it's a bit of a novelty to sit on your arse as much as you can, pj's on and duvet pulled up around your neck. Due to a wrist injury, I'd already spent a week on the sick from work. Before I was due back I became ill. The 111 NHS website advised our household to self-isolate.

The feelin…

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Stay At Home

Halfway through self-isolation and thankfully my chest is no longer tight! Knowing I'm doing the responsible thing when I begin to feel low helps to lift my mood. My husband and middle son are here with me so I'm not lonely. However, I do miss that personal interaction with others, especially the re…

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New Beginnings

I think I've had a few of these but each time I learn a little. The lesson I've learned lately is not to relay on others when it comes to social media. I don't have a huge amount of knowledge about websites and stuff but when I have put together here is all my own work!!! So watch out for more blog …

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