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Stay At Home

Halfway through self-isolation and thankfully my chest is no longer tight! Knowing I'm doing the responsible thing when I begin to feel low helps to lift my mood. My husband and middle son are here with me so I'm not lonely. However, I do miss that personal interaction with others, especially the rest of my family. We have a large family, six children and six grandchildren. All but one of those lives away from home. I would love to bring them all here and keep them safe but we can't do that. The things we did to keep our loved ones safe has drastically changed in such a short time. 

I am keyworker, so is my husband so after our 14 days, we will be returning to work. I want to stay at home and hide away from society but I can't. I want to visit my family but I can't, my mum is in a care home -  no visitors allowed at all, one of my grandchildren is amongst the 1.5mil people in the UK that are likely to die if they get COVID-19.  I'm scared for him! I'm scared for US.

The only time I've seen my children in person is when they have dropped supplies on our doorstep. I've waved at them through the dining room window. I've wanted to run outside and hug each one of them. This is our new reality; waving at our loved ones through closed windows, talking on phones and watching them through webcams. We can look but we can't touch! 

Last night our prime minister Mr Boris Johnson has ordered all of us to STAY HOME. Unless you are a key worker we should stay at home. We are to only leave the house for essential food supplies and medicines. All none essential workers are to stay home, schools are closed, gyms/swimming pools, playgrounds, sporting events, live music events, none essential shops. I'm sure you know what's going on in the world. You can't hide from this one.

I won't write about the utter stupidity of those refusing to comply with our government and the NHS's advice. It would be pointless as we start our full day of nationwide self-isolation. I've tried not to use the words lockdown or quarantine as they are overused words at this present time.  

Please, please stay at home and stay safe. 


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