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S.D. Stevens

Independent Fantasy Author

The Magical World of Alhanassa

My stories are about the magical world of Alhanassa. A world governed by Queens, Priestesses and Governesses. Where women rule and magic is a part of everyday life.

It came into existence after reading countless historical novels and being troubled by how society treated girls and women. We read throughout our own history how women were manipulated and used as commodities. And ultimately used as man saw fit. I often discussed these facts with my daughter, who also loves historical novels. On one such occasion, my daughter asked, "what if the roles were reversed?" From that conversation, we created Alhanassa and the Goddesses that ruled the planet. From there we tossed in the magic for good measure. We had many fun hours as we built this world. A few weeks later I presented my daughter with an outline for a book. That's where it all began... 

Silence Takes Its Toll (Coming early 2022)

Sash'ha is a fearless Clar'hen sister but is often too impulsive; after all, she was Lynwen's shadow. Life was simpler before she was tasked with gathering information while protecting the Leian heir, Princess Brigantia. The knowledge of the fallen god and the power of his orb hung heavy on her mind, she had been reprimanded in the past for speaking out about the silence surrounding it. Torn between decisions, Sash'ha struggles with her assignments.

Her position in The Order, her relationship with Princess Brigantia, Lynwen and Stewart are all at stake. Does she break the silence she has sworn to keep and can she live with the consequences of that choice? Sash'ha experiences the horror of the noh'faol first-hand as she is sent to the front lines by the Clar'hen leader. She was expected to stand by and record what she saw but she fights alongside Stewart against the noh'faol. Guilt-ridden, she returns to The Order to find herself at the centre of a revolt. 

Book 2 in The Sisterhood Trilogy has been a long time coming. We are aiming for a release day sometime before spring next year (2022). Image for website only. Cover reveal coming soon. 

This past year S.D. Stevens has been writing short stories for the Pagan Federation's quarterly magazine Aether. 

Dark Magic Rising

Lynwen is thrilled to be assigned to explore newly discovered ancient monoliths round on the northern islands, knowing her magic and intellect are up to the challenge. When two of her travelling companions prove to be exceptionally charming, it only adds to the attraction of her task. Kendrich shares Lynwen's passion for history, he is mysterious and charming, where Captain Colbon is hot-headed and arrogant. 

However, hidden agendas begin to surface within their group and a strange force limits her magic leaving her wounding who she can trust. They battle the harsh terrain and the bitter cold of the season as well as the relentless, hideous, half-human beasts intent on killing them and a fallen god planning on wreaking recent. The expedition finds itself embroiled in a life and death battle. Do the writings on the monoliths contain a clue to the fate of their world? and is the knowledge gained worth the sacrifices made? 

Bodelia's Anguish


Alhanassa, a land of beauty and diversity, created by the Most High Goddess, Bodelia. She planned that her children, those who will inhabit the word she'd made, would rule the land now the time had come for her to leave. The Immortal Council grew restless with her long absence, she knew her duty could be delayed no longer. Yet she wouldn't completely abandon that which she had made. she would leave the Lesser Goddesses, her sisters, to watch over Alhanassa. With the aid of their magic, the mortals would surely flourish. 

but even the plans of a Goddess are no match for evil. When an act of betrayal shatters Bodelia's heart, will she be able to control the need for revenge? Or will the inhabitants of Alhanassa suffer the dire consequences of her wrath? An enthralling new series filled with action, magic, lust and love!! 


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Bodelia's Anguish Reviews:

  • Barb Spence on Dec. 1, 2014 :  
    I have just finished this book....& all I can say is "wow,wow....& wow!"...its brilliant.had me hooked from first few lines!! I cannot wait for the rest...I NEED to know what happens to Bodelia & her Sisters & their world.....fabulous! Keep them coming!!
  •  Robert Smith on June 1, 2015 :  
    I was not sure where I was being taken when I started this short story, but after the author starts to build her world, the story puts its hooks into you and pulls you along. Bodelia's character is developed nicely and the supporting characters as well. S.D. Stevens writes with passion and the story evokes emotion. I really enjoyed this and found myself wanting more.

Dark Magic Rising Reviews:

  •  Nicky Charles on Dec. 23, 2017 :  
    Oh my gosh! SD Stevens is a fantastic story teller! I don't read fantasy as a rule but this book grabbed me, pulled me in and wouldn't let me go until I was done. This is an 'edge of your seat' tale filled with an interesting cast of characters, sexual tension, moments of humour and wonderful descriptions. The prologue is a bit weighty in its delivery of the backstory but persevere through that and you won't be disappointed! 
  • Jean on16 August 2017
    Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
    5.0 out of 5 stars  Great